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Le président français Macron attaque l'Algérie

 French President Emmanuel Macron has attacked Algeria. Doubting the existence of an Algerian nation before 1830 AD, the year Algeria was occupied by France, these provocative statements of the Algerian government and people came from the French president during his meeting with young people of Algerian origin and reported by the French media. It was published by the French newspaper Le Monde.

Le président français Macron attaque l'Algérie


The French president expressed astonishment at Turkey's ability to make people forget the long period of occupation of Algeria, referring to the Ottoman presence in Algeria before the beginning of the French occupation. He claims that France occupied Algeria after its occupation by the Ottoman Empire. There was originally no Algerian state or nation, but rather an Ottoman colony. This led to his astonishment, according to him, of the Algerian regime, which is hateful of France.


 He sees that this regime works to sow hatred and hatred in the hearts of Algerians against France. The opposite of what it does with Turkey, even though it also occupied Algeria from 1514 to 1830. Macron also pointed to Algerian President Abdel Majid Tabun saying that he had had a special meeting with him, but the dangerous environment surrounding him prevented this, according to him.

And the reaction of the Algerian authorities to these dangerous statements. By which the French president cancelled the history and civilization of an ancient nation like the Algerian nation. The Algerian authorities have summoned his ambassador to France for consultations. And you will publish the reasons for the summons officially later.

This Algerian-French crisis is not the first this week.Algeria summoned the French ambassador and lodged an official protest against France's unilateral decision to limit the number of visas granted to Algerians to France. France justified its action, which affected Algeria. Morocco and Tunisia because of the refusal of these countries to issue the consular authorizations necessary for the return of illegal immigrants and some dangerous criminals to their countries.

In the coming days, we expect the decisions that Algeria will take in the direction of this reproach that is calculated on the French government.



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